Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

At The Chocolate Factory, we are committed to ensuring that we, and the events we host, are as sustainable as possible. 

We have looked at energy, waste, our expectations and ambitions for suppliers and vendors in assessing our impact on the environment. This plan is a flexible statement of intent to exceed our obligations to ensuring a sustainable future for all of us. 

This is a journey we should all be taking and welcome your participation in it.


​We work closely with Scenariio who are based here at The Chocolate Factory with us.

They are a cutting edge provider of smart building solutions that have given us a massive headstart in meeting our sustainability ambitions.

​What does that mean?

  • Over 200 super smart lighting fixtures have been installed – these are cool, LED, human centric lights that are good for the environment and good for the soul.

  • We can track energy usage in real time

  • We are signing up to a green energy provider

  • A network of sensors tracks temperature, power consumption and movement across the building so lights are only ever on where they’re needed. We can measure how much power we’ve used and plan setups accordingly as a result.

  • We are in a big metal warehouse with no heating! We’ve painted the building black to absorb heat in an effort to warm the space!

  • We have a sustainability champion who trains and encourages all of our staff to be eco-aware and to voice suggestions for improving.


​We host regular food events that cater for up to 5,000 people over a weekend – we inevitably create waste. How we manage that sustainably is key. We are on a continual journey to improve and do more in this area.

  • Our contract with waste disposal experts is based on Zero to Landfill. Waste created on-site is taken away and separated into recycling, waste and compostable and disposed of accordingly.

  • We have replaced plastic bar serviceware with paper straws and compostable cups

  • We have stopped the use of plastic water bottles and replaced with cans

  • We provide 20 bins across the venue for customers to dispose of waste quickly

  • We aim to join the Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce scheme in the next 6 months

  • All of our furniture has been upcycled from wooden pallets to beer barrels or cable rigs


​Working with partners who are as committed as we are is really important to us. We avoid plastic trays and cutlery, and encourage our partners to do the same.

  • Vendors should use compostable or recyclable serviceware

  • Kitchen waste should be taken away and disposed of sustainably.

  • Vendors can use our waste facilities for a small surcharge

  • We use our smart technology to provide accurate predictions of customer numbers so vendors can plan their stock accurately, reducing food waste.

  • We encourage vendors to source food sustainably and as locally to them as possible.

Sustainability Champion

Pete Sherratt – Floor Manager