Trader Talks - Secret Burger Club

Wednesday, February 1st

For the first in our blog series - 'Trader Talks'. We went and spoke to Matt from Nottingham based 'OG Burger Slingers', Secret Burger Club.

When/why did you start up Secret Burger Club?

I started SBC back at the end of 2016, I was working in IT for an industrial company, and realised it wasn't making me happy. 

I'd always had a passion for food since been a kid and I found I spent all my free time at work looking at food, particularly the US burger scene. I knew that there was a gap in the market for decent burgers over here so I kinda just went for it, dropped everything to start the business, never looked back since! 

-Where's one of your favourite places to eat in notts?

I'm a big fan of Kushi Ya, I love japanese food and culture, I think they have it spot on with the simplicity of the food and flavour profiles. Also Everyday people from my boy Pete has to be in there! 

-Favourite item on your menu and why?

A double Westcoast, first burger I came up with, a simple double cheeseburger with our secret burger sauce, being slightly biased I think our burger sauce is the best out there, I still need to get round bottling it up and selling it! 

-What's the craziest burger you've ever ate!

When they do Psychology tests on burgers I'll let you know ;) haha Nah Probably the Biscoff Bacon burger from Stripclub streetfood, that one is a bit out there, works kinda well though! 

-What's top tip/favourite hack in the kitchen

Dumpling shacks mala chilli crisp Oil, and put that on everything.

Thanks to Matt for answering our questions & dishing up delicious burgers.

Personal fave off their menu - The Duke

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