Reusable Cups

Friday, July 7th

We've made the switch!

It's been a long time coming and we are super excited to finally have our very own branded cups to reuse over and over!

Here is some info for our customers old and new, so you have a heads up on the new process.


How will it work?

Grab your cup at the bar for £1

Your first transaction will have the cost of the cup or cups added.

Simply reuse for the entirety of your visit and drop in the designated bins provided when you are done - these will all get washed and bought back.

1 big cycle of cup cleaning and not one in the waste!

AND bring it back with you and receive FREE entry on the door and no charge for a new cup. WIN WIN!

(Please note the free entry applies to our £1 on the door, Bustler entry and not free entry to any other ticketed events hosted at our venue)

I want to change what I am drinking?

Been on the beers and fancy a cocktail? No problem, head to the bar to swap it out. There is no extra charge - if you have a cup to exchange you won't be charged again.

Do we get the pound back?

The £1 for the cup is non refundable - This decision is made purely on the logistics of keeping hundreds of pound coins on site continuously and stopping people collecting up lots of cups to return for cash. You are free to take this cup home and reuse again & again. Thank you for helping to minimise the effect we have on the planet.

Shall I bring the cup back on my next visit?

Yes! Please do! Any one bringing their cup back to Bustler will get FREE entry on the door and you won't have to pay for your cup either. So it is definitely best to bring it back!

Do we have to pay for cups for tap water?

We will keep some disposable cups on site if needed for tap water, but we want to minimise the use of this as much as possible!


We will have plenty of signage around the venue explaining the process and the designated bins will be visible and labelled clearly.

Any questions just ask one of our friendly staff.